Ergonomic Equipment

Southworth manufactures ergonomic material handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning to improve work productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries.

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Scissor Lift Tables

Lift Tables allow workers to position work at the most comfortable convenient height for easy, strain-free access. There are many different options to create a table just for your need, these include: capacity, platform size, portability, turntables, and hand pallet jack accessibility, plus many more.

Container Tilters

Tilters eliminate any unnecessary bending, reach,and stretching in machine feeding applications. Wire baskets and other containers are tilted to allow workers easy access to the contents.

Pallet Positioners

Pallet positioners are designed to simplify and speed the process of manual pallet loading and unloading. Many PalletPal products feature automatic load leveling and built in turntables.