Industrial Shelving, Mezzanines, and In-Plant Offices

Lift Pro Equipment offers a complete line of storage solutions. Ideal for smaller items, we can design a system that will allow the greatest amount of storage while taking up the smallest amount of space needed in your warehouse.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is ideal for hand picking items and packages that are small and can be easily stored. Shelving system can be a single, stand-alone level or they can be incorporated into the support structure to add another level on top of the first level to create multiple shelving pick levels.


Mezzanines increase your existing storage space by going upwards with the storage. Mezzanines avoid expensive facility construction and they are easy to reconfigure, move, or expand. Mezzanines are modular, free standing and have an interlocking design. Each support offers utility channels and outlets. A variety of flooring options are available with a high capacity weight distribution per square foot.

In-Plant Office

In-plant offices are ideal for any manufacturing plant or warehouse. They offer the ability for managers or engineers to be rest next to the production floor while still offering the quiet benefits of an office. They are cost effective and can quickly be assembled, moved, or changed depending on the needs of your growing business.